Custom frameless showers provide the finishing touch to your bathroom’s design, adding function and allure to reflect your personal style. The combination of high quality fabricated heavy glass and superior shower hardware creates a secure enclosure that will last for years. With countless design options you can create a shower that is truly unique.

In addition to custom frameless shower enclosures manufactured by SIGCO, we are pleased to distribute framed and semi-framed shower enclosure manufactured by our sister company, Coral Industries.  Please click here for these product offerings and here for an order form.

SIGCO can take your frameless project — whether it is a shower enclosure, commercial entrance or a railing system — from opening sizes through design, calculating clearances and glass sizes, as well as selecting and providing C.R. Laurence hardware for a complete package solution.

SIGCO carries 3/8” and 1/2” glass for these projects in clear and low-iron.

SIGCO also features low maintenance products that require cleaning less frequently and is easier to clean than ordinary clear glass.


There are many options available depending on the layout of your bathroom.
You can view the configurations shown here to determine what will best suit your space.


For an opening less than 36” wide, a single door is a popular option. There are no additional panels. This enclosure can be built using either wall mount or pivot hinges, and the door may be hinged on the left or right.

Glass Types

There are several glass options available for your custom enclosure.
You can view the glass options shown here to determine what will best suit your space.


There are several glass options available for your custom enclosure. Our standard clear glass, available in 3/8” and 1/2”, is a popular choice for those seeking a classic appearance.

Low Iron

Low Iron glass, also available in 3/8” and 1/2”, has a low iron content which decreases the green tint characteristic of standard clear glass. This allows more light to pass through the glass, displaying the true color of your shower.


To find the look that best complements the other features of your shower, we offer a wide selection of high quality hardware in numerous styles and finishes. Choose parts from C.R. Laurence, U.S. Horizon® or Portals to achieve your desired design.

Although there are many hinges to choose from, there are three primary ways to hinge your shower door: glass to wall; glass to glass; or top and bottom pivots.

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